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Rachael is a British voice over artist living in Dubai. She is a natural and down to earth voice actress with an instinctive voice talent. She uses a host of techniques to bring words to life to illustrate their meaning, capturing her audiences attention with her professional voice narrations. Her voice resonates with a smooth, sensual, clear tone which is perfect for Commercial voice over, E-learning and Corporate narrations.

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A versatile creative talent

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Rachael is a popular Voice Over and Independent Producer, able to offer a range of services involving creative direction or organisation for commercial and personal projects.  The Voice Over Dubai studio is a creative space, where several new artists have received help and guidance in how to effectively create and share a voice over showreel.

Rachael has an open mind and is available to discuss any project large or small, her clients include well known Global Companies as well as SME’s.

Services include: Creative Consultancy, Content Writing, Copywriting, Voice Over Showreel production, Voice Over production, Producing, Radio Show Host

Rachael specializes in:

  • Voice Over Production – Rachael is an accomplished Voice Artist providing studio quality voice recordings to customers around the globe. Her smooth, clear and captivating voice make her the perfect fit for a variety of voice over projects including presenting or hosting special events.
  • Commercial / E-Learning – Rachael’s delivery of copy points and important information is effective yet subtle, ensuring listener comprehension.
  • Corporate narration – Rachael is one of the main corporate voice over narrators in Dubai today and has leant her voice to some of the world’s best known brands.
  • Voice Acting / Character Voice – from talking ovens to old ladys, Rachael has a talent for developing memorable characters with strong regional dialects and accents.
  • Showreel Creation – Producing a showreel is an absolute necessity for all creative talent. Indeed, even the best voice artists need assistance and direction when producing a voice over demo, Rachael has produced and directed voice over demos for several well known artists in the region.
  • Copywriting – Rachael merges the art and science of writing copy and has written web pages, ads for advertising agencies and promotional materials etc. She is able to sell your product or service and convince prospective customers to take action.
  • Creative Content Writing – Rachael writes according to client’s exact requirements and uses 100% original and unique content. Her clear and concise writing will help you tell your story.
  • Editing – Editing is a difficult task but not for Rachael who has spent years editing and has developed into an intuitive and creative editor.
  • Proofreading – With excellent attention to detail, Rachael will analyze your content precisely to discover and adjust typographical blunders and slip-ups in punctuation, style, and spelling before your written material goes live.



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