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Rachael is a British voice over artist living in Dubai. She is a natural and down to earth voice actress with an instinctive voice talent. She uses a host of techniques to bring words to life to illustrate their meaning, capturing her audiences attention with her professional voice narrations. Her voice resonates with a smooth, sensual, clear tone which is perfect for Commercial voice over, E-learning and Corporate narrations.

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I was amazed…
by Rachael’s Creative Direction from our first meeting. Rachael has good energy and understood our requirement and concept very easily. We were able to produce a stunning animation video that helped us launch our New App. I would be honoured to work on future projects together and happy to recommend Voice Over Dubai services.
- Youssef Mohammed - Graphic Design, MJU Engineering Consultancy
Wonderful to work with…

It was indeed wonderful to work with Rachael. She was able to amend the script, using connectives and expressions to make the read flow and feel more exciting.


- Jogiraj Sijkidar, Senior Productions Producer - MBC Television network
Amazing and Talented, that’s Rachael…

Rachael has been one of our greatest artists. Powerful voice with her strong British accent!  She works perfectly, accurately and smoothly however the job requires.

- Kay Javier, Talent Manager - Mango Jam
Always offers more…

Rachael is the Voice Artist who will nail it in 2 takes but still be willing to give 5 more as options! It’s always a pleasure working with you Rachel.


- Maha Mostafa, Casting Director - RGB Art Productions
Work made easy…

Rachael was open minded and definitely showed her creative flair whilst working on our project. She showed patience and produced her material in record time, it certainly made our work that much easier.


- Kenneth Mitchen, BDM - ITP Publishing
An absolute joy to work with…

Rachael has the ability to light up a room with her presence, she’s jovial and cheery, but naturally jumps into ‘character’ once inside the booth and proves versatility with every voice she projects.


- Geena George, Senior Marketing Manager - Inframe Productions
Rachael helped us…

find and direct a new talent for a TV Commercial video that we were working on after weeks of searching with the deadline looming. She was able to present different scenarios to help with the delivery of various tones.

- Sreejith, Sound Engineer - Orange Media
Always reliable…

and Never lets us down. Rachael is an Amazing and hardworking artist with a good textured voice, which is warm, clear and dynamic – perfect for a professional VO artist.  She’s approachable and understands client’s directions well.

- Sharon, Talent Manager - K Kompany
Fantastic studio set up…

We love working with Rachael on projects, not only does she have a versatile voice and great writing skills, but her studio set up is Amazing!

- Cleveland Anderson, Director - CA International Artists
Comes highly recommended…

Rachael was able to stress on copy points and actually made our product which fits into the stationery category,  seem exciting. She provided several versions of her recording in different styles and accents. A gifted talent and a true professional who we would highly recommend.

- Karin Hoellerl, Marketing & BD Director - Mondi Group