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Rachael is a British voice over artist living in Dubai. She is a natural and down to earth voice actress with an instinctive voice talent. She uses a host of techniques to bring words to life to illustrate their meaning, capturing her audiences attention with her professional voice narrations. Her voice resonates with a smooth, sensual, clear tone which is perfect for Commercial voice over, E-learning and Corporate narrations.

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Voice Over Dubai New Website Launch

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Voice Over Dubai New Website Launch

On January 13, 2016, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

So it’s finally here, my new website to showcase my Voice Over Dubai work and to put all my information, demos, voice overs, video recordings etc in one space.

I can’t say it’s been a fast and painless journey to reach this point, but here’s to say I’ve definitely learned a lot along the way.

  • For starters when hiring other people’s talent, do your utmost to make sure they actually do what they say they can do and aren’t just “having a go at it” on your important projects – it’s one sure fire way to loose time
  • That said it’s important when hiring someone to be creative to actually allow them space and time to be just that
  • Work through your ideas and trust in your own creativity, some things may be new, but don’t be too quick to sell out your own ideas and visualizations, they’re just as important as the so called “experts”
  • Seek feedback at the Appropriate Time, not from here, there and everywhere or at any given moment, (this helps to reduce the number of revisions which avoids frustrating your team, and again …saves time)
  • It’s important to be flexible but not so flexible that you become completely dumb-witted and indecisive – there’s no one harder to work with
  • Don’t expect to delegate your dreams to anyone else, least of all if you’re expecting their results to offer any justice to Your dreams

…and the list goes on!!


As an independent Voice Talent, it’s important to treat ‘ Your Business ‘ like any other respectable and professional business does, even though it feels way more personal and engaging. This extends beyond simply delivering a good product or service, a strong brand image will help you to be remembered and it’s important to extend your network and build relationships (just as other companies do). You need to have a strong Accounts dept (self), capable IT dept (self), a HR and training unit (self)… and know when to wear each hat and with which shoes!!! I can say hand on heart; it’s a day in, day out learning experience but one that I personally find to be very rewarding. Yet with only 24hrs in the day, failing to plan is indeed planning to fail, and I’ve also learnt this the hard way! 

So, how does one manage to fit everything in?

Now I bet you’re still wondering, well apart from speaking into a mic…whateverything is. In which case I can promise you this, there’s a lot more to it if this is your chosen profession and especially if you’re tapping into a new market and hoping to progress your talent and skill set along the way.

There’ll be more on this in the next segment, but for now let’s end on a toast to the launch of this brand new website and indeed the start of a wonderful professional journey with voice overs in Dubai.

And a massive thank you to everybody who has helped on this project, especially

Walking towards success. 3D rendered Illustration.

Walking towards success

Love what you do and do what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life.

Ray Bradbury

Why have one voice, when You could Have Many. 

Rachael Charles

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